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Little lady at the La Commune 1871 festival, Paris.

Alone in the crowd. Seattle sunset at Pike Place Market.

Studio portrait of Ron David Butler, Canadian photographer and filmmaker.

Place Des Cordes, Paris

Workshop series in Paris

We've all been there. Philharmonie Paris cafe

Random ladies at a pedestrian crossing at sunset enjoying the cool winters night outside the Panthéon in Paris
Sam Roberts. Tennis player at Portland University, Oregon, USA
Christopher. Rugby player for the British Rugby Football Club in Paris
A stranger I met in La Défense, Paris, wanting to promote his friends new range of hats
Lovely lady happy to pose for me at Paris Photo
Gaspar David at 6.30 am for a sunrise shoot

You have to be very quiet in a vocal booth. With Parisian rapper Verso

Leo, singer and guitarist from Spanish band 'Meat of Satan' playing with his dog in Barcelona
Place des Cordes
Techno Parade Paris
May Day protests in Paris 2018
Techno Parade Paris 2017
Place des Cordes
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